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Baby Room at Charlestown Day Nursery

Where Great Minds Are Born


Our baby rooms work together as a team.  We have a safe and stable environment for your baby to develop in confidence and learn through play to explore new experiences introduced to them throughout their time at nursery, such as: basic play with water and sand, which are always in use during the week.

Throughout the day we follow basic routines which include: changing, meal times and creative play.  This is where your baby is able to develop hand/eye co-ordination skills whilst doing basic collage and painting techniques and also through general play.

Your baby will have its own Home to Nursery Book.  This allows you to follow how your child has been throughout their day at nursery and records information about how long your baby has slept and what they have eaten etc.

A typical day’s play in the baby room involves language and communication, personal, social & emotional skills and physical & creative skills being promoted throughout their day.

We hope that your baby will enjoy every moment in this environment we provide, and leave our room a happy and confident toddler, ready to explore and extend their development skills.

In the baby rooms we follow the Development Matters Framework and concentrate on the three prime areas of development within the EYFS. The three prime areas are Personal, Social and Emotional, Communication & Language and Physical development these provide a sound foundation for their early development.


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