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Pre-School Room at Chinley Day Nursery

Where you develop and grow ready for school


When your child comes to move into the preschool room they will have lots of transition visits to enable them to settle and get to know the routine of the room.

The pre-school room has planned activities daily to ensure all children are developing to their full potential.

The preschool rooms cover all seven areas of the Early Year’s Foundation stage and activities are observed and recorded to ensure children’s individual learning needs are being met.

  • Personal, Social & Emotional

The children are encouraged to develop good Personal, Social & Emotional skills throughout their day at nursery.  Children are encouraged to play together, make new friends, be caring to their peers, share toys and take turns.  The children’s personal hygiene skills are also encouraged through toilet training and table manners etc.

  • Communication and Language

Language is on-going development encouraged throughout all aspects of play. The children are always given the opportunity to develop language skills during individual and group discussions about topics as tasks being carried out.  We have regular flash card activities at circle time, where children can recognise their name or their friend’s name, or familiar letters.  We encourage the learning of the letters and sounds through song, rhyme, stories, puzzles and flash cards.

  • Physical Development

We have a variety of toys to develop your child’s physical skills, from bikes and scooters to see-saws and climbing frames.  We also have an excellent selection of soft foam equipment i.e. ball pools, etc.

The children take part in outdoor play at least once a day (weather permitting).

  • Literacy

Children will have a vast array of books to explore and read using memory recall and from what they see in pictures.

Children will be given the opportunity to develop pencil control through mark-making areas, creative activities and general activities through play. As your child’s confidence grows, they will begin to form letters underneath words on their own. Soon they will be writing confidently underneath and will be recognising some letters.

  • Mathematics

The children are given the opportunity to widen their mathematical skills through a variety of sorting, matching, number work, counting, sequencing and adding on and taking away.  They will also have a concept of capacity and volume using sand and water play. 

  • Understanding the world

The children are learning about their environment constantly and enjoy talking about past experiences and the world around them.  At nursery the children take part in science activities exploring different experiments which affect the way we live such as: growing activities etc.  We incorporate different festivals and cultures into our curriculum and plan topics linked to the world around us e.g. mini beasts – animals such as spiders, bees, worms and where they live etc.  The children learn basic concepts of information technology by becoming familiar with keyboards, discs and how to control the mouse by clicking.

The children have a wide variety of educational software to choose from and are able to play freely on the computer exploring different software.

  • Creative

The children are given the opportunity to take part in different art and craft activities each day i.e. play dough, collage, painting etc.  They are encouraged to create individual end products and learn how to hold and use tools correctly to create their pictures and models.  The children also expand their imagination and creative skills. We have lots of music and movement opportunities as well as regular dance and drama activities which encourages self-expression and confidence building.


Visit our Pre-School Room at Chinley Day Nursery

We offer settling in visits as well as transition visits to help your child feel at ease and to give parents/carers the opportunity to meet the team and ask any questions ready for your child starting at Chinley nursery.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Chinley day nursery. If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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