• Debbie Pickles

31 Years at Charlestown Day Nursery

I ask myself daily where have all those years gone and how did they go by so quickly, I then tell myself why. It's because I love my job and the satisfaction of seeing all the children flourish and grow within a family that wants every child to succeed. My first day at Charlestown as Deputy manager was the start of a special time in my life, my son Adam coming with me at just 1 year old, and 6 years later my other son Niall started at Charlestown too. We settled into our routine and met our first few families, Adam started to bond with his peers and made some special little friends, some who we still have contact with now, which says a lot.

Gill and the practitioners made us feel very welcome and were made to

feel part of the Charlestown family from the off. Charlestown was a small 40 place nursery which was always busy with families coming in, touching our hearts and then moving on to school, the nursery expanded to allow for the

growth in need of places for our local community in Tameside. Charlestown Day Nursery continues to flourish with hundreds of families passing through and continues to grow each day with the love and passion for making children’s lives exciting and fun while parents and carers are either at work or having some time for themselves.

I have worked alongside so many beautiful people, some who have moved on to other pastures and have remained friends, some who have just moved on, I have suffered pain at the loss of our beautiful Practitioner and friend Laura who had the most infectious smile and brought joy into every life she touched, I was supported by our family and we helped each other remember Laura and bring some of her into nursery every day.

I have taught, cared for and nurtured hundreds of children and been allowed to be part of their families, it has always been an honour to be given the trust of so many parents with their most precious gift. I have supported families through happy times, trauma and bereavement, this is precious, delicate and at times painful and distressing, however I found the strength and with the support of Gill and our ever growing team of fantastic practitioner’s I have got through the difficult times and sailed through the good which far outweigh the bad.

I often tell the funny stories of times we have had throughout my life at Charlestown Day Nursery, like the time when bonfire night went with a bang when our bucket full of fireworks went off all at once (before health and safety went mad), the time when a child shouts out in a Nativity or a show, the fun times we have had at our disco’s and special days, teddy bears picnic, balloon day, people who help us day, Mad hatters tea party, ugly bug ball to name a few. I love to dress up and see the children’s faces when they believe you have turned into a beautiful princess or a ladybird who can fly around the room. The fun I have had at our Christmas parties (there’s a few stories I could tell there but what happens at work do’s stays at work do’s).

I will continue my journey at Charlestown Day Nursery and now Chinley Day Nursery for as long as my body and mind allow.

Myself and our team look forward to meeting you and starting your own journey at Charlestown Day Nursery or Chinley Day Nursery. We promise you won't forget us once you come to see us.

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