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5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers and Babies

One day, your baby will be old enough to tell you what they want to be for Halloween. Probably starting in March, and you'll get weekly updates thereafter. And while you'll be treated to a rotating selection of their favourite characters, sometimes you'll wish you could go back to the infant days when you had total control.

These cute baby costumes are so adorable, creative and — most importantly — easy to mange, you'll wish you had more than one or two Halloweens with them in the baby stage.

So, what will it be? Will you go with a heart-meltingly cute infant costume? Or maybe you want to try and go for a big laugh. However, you want to dress your baby for Halloween, we’ve got a costume that’s up your alley.

We have selected our top 5 costumes we found for you on amazon other stores will sell these products and other products are available.

1. The Baby Pumpkin – You cannot go wrong with the pumpkin costume and this is always a favourite of many which will have your friends and family asking to see those cute pictures of them in the pumpkin costume on their 21st birthday party in 20 years time. Available here on Amazon

2. The Animal – We all know that children love animals and Halloween is a time for scary outfits however, some children prefer to dress up as their favourite animal as they may find other outfits scary to put on. We love this monkey costume available here on amazon

3. The Witch – Children love to dress up as a witch for Halloween. Even though most of us know witches to be scary and sometimes a little bit nasty most witch outfits look beautiful and easy to wear. We love this rainbow witch outfit available on Amazon

4. The skeleton – Instead of the pumpkin you may opt for the skeleton which is another famous outfit that many people go for at Halloween. We love this skeleton outfit available on amazon here

5. You may opt for the Incy Wincy Spider option or an choice of charaters from the childrens favourite book/nursery rhyme. We love this Incy Wincy Spider costume available on amazon here

A bonus tip - We see all kind of outfits at halloween however, be creative and maybe make your own this year. Using all different materials to make your own costume. You can be anything you want to be there are no right or wrong costumes. Whatever you make be scary, funny or cute and you are sure to bring the sweeties home!

Happy Halloween!

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