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A day in the Gordon Room ( Pre-School)

We asked one of our little girls Scarlett to tell us more about her day at nursery in our Gordon Room which is our pre-school room. Please read below to hear more about Scarletts experience in our pre-school room.

'Today I made a new friend at nursery. I think she is a bit shy. JoJo (The practitoner) talked to her mummy. I can't remember her name, but JoJo said she might play next time she comes. She said some people can be a bit shy but if we make friends with them then it makes them be happy.

When me and Remaya played with the horses and the horses were talking , and they took the kids to old MC Donald's farm to go to the park.

I was given a sticker for eating all my potato ash at dinner time and tuna wraps at tea. I loveeeeee tuna wraps!

Reece (Practitioner) did funny dancing it was really silly and funny and made my friends laugh. And guess what there was a funny bug flipped over in the garden , I made it a house for it , JoJo brought lolly pop sticks out and helped me. I'm not shy at nursery. Tomorrow I think we have the paddling pool out. When I went in the padding pool last week it was really sunny everyone was splashing Reece and he was super wet . We went throwing water at him, chasing all over the garden and he splashed me too. We have a baby pool too, it was a big big water fight!

I got a sticker for being a helper at tidying up off Kirsty. At circle time we did little red riding hood and the three little pigs . They have tricky little wolves in them . The pigs burnt the wolves bum-bum. In my room we have a new hungry Bobby fish it eats worms and flakes . I think we should call it Goldy like on Peppa pig.”

I had a very busy day today' 😊

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