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Christmas Activity Ideas

Dress the snowman

- Cut out Velcro parts, hat, scarf, carrot, arms, buttons etc.

- Stick them on the snowman to dress him.

- Cut out different styles of hats, scarves.

Christmas post it matching game

- On some cardboard draw or stick some Christmas pictures

- Draw the same pictures on the post its

- Match the post its to the pictures

Sensory snow experience

- Fake snow (purchase from most supermarkets)

- Add ice cubes (any shape or size)

- Add winter animals

- Add household objects such as jugs, bowls and spoons etc.

Christmas tree number matching

- Use green card/paper/ coloured circles/ stickers

- Draw a Christmas tree together and draw circles on it

- Put numbers inside the circles for as many different colours as you have

- Make a matching grid with numbers

- Use the grid to match onto the tree

Please send us your pictures and other activities for December.

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