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Family Days Out in Chinley

Hello I'm Charlotte one of the nursery nurses at Chinley Day Nursery and I have lived In Chinley for the last 2 years, I have really enjoyed living in this lovely area getting to know the local community.

There are some great family days out in Chinley such as the lovely nature reserve, where you can explore and find lots of fantastic plants, flowers, tree's, tiny insects frogs, and it is also a lovely place to enjoy a picnic on a nice sunny day. There is a map and information leaflets at the entrance of the nature reserve.

Occasionally they have a work party day where you can go and help look after/tidy up the nature area which is great fun. There is also the tram trail which is behind the nursery that is a lovely walk, you can walk from Chapel En Le Frith to Bugsworth basin where there are lots of great colourful narrow boats, and you will also see some ducks to feed.

In Bugsworth just on the border of Chinley they have a steam engine party weekend where there are some fantastic large steam engines which is really good for all the family and they travel through Chinley which is really interesting to see.

There are some lovely cafe's, bars and restaurants to get a something to eat and drink all around chinley which are all very family friendly and welcoming to everyone.

There is a community hall in Chinley where there are lots of different activities throughout the week including Footy Totz, they also have a family cinema where they show a film on the 2nd Sunday of every month with children's films shown in the afternoon (although this may have changed since covid).

There are lots of amenities in Chinley such as a hairdressers, doctors surgery, a chemist, laundrette, the Londis convenience store and the post office which is also known as Chinley cheese that sells some fantastic cheese.

There are great events that happen throughtout the year such as the summer picnic fete in the park which has some stalls, a barbeque and a childrens play area. There is the christmas lights switch on and this year there is going to be an outdoor christmas market which will be great.

The scout hut which is just near our nursery also have some family days with bouncy castles and games etc.

I will put any future local events that are happening in Chinley on our community board inside the entrance.

I hope you all enjoy exploring Chinley and the community as I have done.

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