• Dawn

Our Nursery Meals

Hi everyone, you probably know me already, I’m Dawn who cooks all of your children’s meals. I have many years of catering experience and a huge passion for great home cooked foods.

The nutritionally balanced and varied meals are set over a 4 weekly menu. The wide range of delicious and appealing meals means that there’s always a favourite dish for everyone from cottage pie, Gruffalo crumble, to pasta bolognaise.

The children will often try new foods at nursery they perhaps haven’t tried at home, watching and copying their friends eat.

We offer a daily fantastic selection of fruit for dessert varying from watermelon to kiwi. Cake is always enjoyed once a week, apple cake, banana loaf and fruit scones.

Portion sizes and consistency are age appropriate which encourages the children to proudly empty their dinner plate. The meals are freshly prepared daily with nutritious ingredients, we never use sauce jars or pre-made convenience foods.

We cater for those who require a specific diet in accordance with religious and cultural beliefs always producing a similar dish so the child doesn’t feel different e.g. red lentil and vegetable cobbler/beef and vegetable cobbler, sweet potato and pepper korma/ turkey and vegetable korma with rice. Delicious meals are also provided for children with food allergies and dietary needs.

The children enjoy age appropriate and easy to pick up finger foods, ranging from homemade pizza, quiche and wraps which are perfect for a light tea.

If you would like any recipes, just ask for our recipe printouts from any of the staff members at Chinley or Charlestown Day Nursery

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