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Valentines Day at Nursery – Not Just a Love Day

Spending Valentine’s Day at nursery is such a special time as is every day spent at Charlestown and Chinley day nursery, we love to use this day to encourage children to understand the meaning of love, friendship, and sharing. We also like to plan some exciting activities to extend your child's learning. This helps the children understand Valentine’s Day, we focus on “being Kind”, not only are we planning a day to celebrate kindness, the activities we plan also encourage your child’s learning and development throughout the nursery.

Sharing stories about helping each other, sharing things, and making friends, making everyone feel a part of our nursery family. Providing craft ideas, we encourage your child to decide what they would like to make for Valentine’s Day, who they want to make it for and why. We provide lots of exciting activities to encourage sharing, language, and creativity such as card making, perfume making, baking and many more exciting activities.

Playing in red water encourages children who may not usually enjoy water play to join in with the tipping, pouring and measuring. Using pink and red playdough and providing tuff trays with different shades of red, pink and purple also encourages colour recognition and the different shades will help understand that all colours despite being the same name may have a different shade, this also encourages math development as your child enjoys separating the colours into tubs and bowls. Here are just some ideas that we have for you to try at home as our children really do love the following activities.

Water play idea for nursery and home – develops the senses, maths, sharing and taking turns

Tuff tray ideas for nursery and home – develops creativity and thinking

Playdough ideas for nursery and home – develops fine motor skills and senses

Painting hand hearts to cut out – develops creativity, fine motor skills and senses

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